• Grade Transferer

    Grade Transferer software was designed with the 'non-techy’ teacher in mind.  This simple 2min. overview video covers the basics of how to start saving time using GradeTransferer.  We also have a Tutorial page now where we are adding a minimum of two new videos every week.
    The process they need to follow is the following:
    1. Add GradeTransfererto their Chrome toolbar (if the district didn’t do it for them)
    2. Restart the Chrome browser so GradeTransferer can install properly.
    3. Sign-in, use & save time :)
    There is a support link within the app itself (hamburger menu —> Help/Messages —> Report New Issue) in case they get stuck.  They can also email "support@gradetransferer.com” directly for help and we’ll work with them one-on-one.